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Make a friendship bracelet

How to make a bracelet to give to your friends

2023 Available in English, French, Portuguese and Spanish

Illustration of a wrist wearing a colourful friendship bracelet
In Burundi, a smiling man stands in the middle of a group of seated women who are dressed in colourful clothes

From: Peace and reconciliation - Footsteps 121

Actions we can take to help build peace and foster reconciliation in our homes and communities

Think about your friends. What do you like about them? Perhaps they are fun to be with, kind and easy to talk to. A good friend can cheer us up when we are sad and keep us company when we are lonely.

But sometimes we might have arguments with our friends, which can make us feel upset. If that happens, wait for a little while until you feel less upset, and then go and talk to your friend. If you can say sorry to each other and forgive each other, this will help you to carry on being friends.

Follow these steps to make friendship bracelets out of thick cotton or wool. You might want to give them as presents to friends or other children in your school and neighbourhood.

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Illustration of the steps involved in making a friendship bracelet

How to make a friendship bracelet

  1. Take three strands of thick cotton or wool and tie the ends together – use different colours if you can
  2. Wrap the strands around your wrist three times, which will tell you how long they need to be, and ask an adult to cut the strands to that length
  3. Ask a friend to hold the knotted end for you while you twist the strands many times in the same direction until they are tight
  4. Fold the bracelet in half and, holding both ends, let go of the rest of the bracelet, allowing it to twist around itself
  5. Tie both ends together
  6. At the opposite end to the knot, pull open a hole in the threads that is large enough for the knot to pass through
  7. Push the knot through the hole to make a loop

Bible verse memory challenge!

Jesus loves us and is the best friend we could ever have. 

Can you learn this Bible verse?

‘Jesus said, “Let the little children come to me.”’
Mark 10:14

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