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From: Appropriate technology – Footsteps 46

Testing and adapting ideas to meet local needs


My design was originally based on machines made by Hander in Japan and UK.

These machines were made from one piece of cast iron and they broke down a lot due to cracking. As a result of this, I started to develop my own design in 1978 and made various adaptations over the years. The machines gained a large market throughout the Great Lakes region until I had to leave owing to the political, social and ethnic conflicts and settle in South Africa.

The machine is made from pieces of steel bought from ironmongers. As well as palm nuts, the machine can also press groundnuts, cotton and sunflower seeds. The oil collected is used for cooking and also for laundry soap.

Sent in by Pastor BN Yenga, Burundi 

Photo: BN Yenga

Photo: BN Yenga

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