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From: Trees – Footsteps 85

How to look after trees and make the most of the many benefits they bring

Image: Rod Mill

Image: Rod Mill

Make it a habit to carry some bags or old envelopes with you so you are always ready to collect seed from good trees. 

Collect only fully ripened seed from strong healthy trees. Take seeds from the best examples of the tree available. Seeds in pods or fruits need to be removed. Sticky fruits like tamarind need to be soaked in water before the seeds can be removed and dried.

Seed must be very well dried before storing. Use clear labels. Some seeds, especially those that are very hard, may stay good for many years. However some soft seeds such as neem or kei apple only keep for a few weeks. Use fresh seed whenever possible.

Text adapted from Agroforestry– A PILLARS Guide, published by Tearfund . The Guide explains how to prepare a tree nursery, how to sow seeds, how to care for seedlings and how to plant out successfully. See the Resources page for more information. 

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