Bible study: Godly attitudes to business

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Bible study: Godly attitudes to business

Being prepared 

Read Proverbs 31:10–31. 

In this passage, we learn about a busy and godly wife. She is always hard at work – she grows food, manages land and makes cloth, bedding and clothing. Instead of one enterprise, she is involved in several. She does not fear what the future may bring because she has prepared herself for it. She is also caring, loving and widely respected. What an example!  

  • What can we learn from this picture? 
  • How can we help our families and our communities be better prepared for an uncertain future? 

The right attitude to money  

The Bible contains a lot of teaching about money. It certainly does not forbid making money. Paul taught that we should work hard to provide for our needs and those of our families. In the New Testament we read about godly people who were successful in their businesses, such as Lydia, who was a dyer of purple cloth (see Acts 16:14).  

In 1 Timothy 6:6–12, there is some very wise teaching about the need to be content with what we have and to have an appropriate attitude towards material things. The passage does not say that making money and using it well is wrong. It is good to make full use of our resources and abilities. However, the love of money rather than of God is wrong. It is our attitude that is so important as we seek to build up our enterprises. 

  • How can we make sure we have the right attitude to money? 

Adapted from Think livelihoods! See Resources page for more details.