Bible study: Investing our lives wisely

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Investing our lives wisely

We can do three things with our lives. We can waste them, we can spend them or we can invest them. The Bible teaches us to invest our lives to make a difference for eternity. We should not live on this earth to be a consumer. Instead, we should make a contribution with our lives. We will be held accountable by God for how we invest our lives. Let’s take time to look at how we use our abilities, resources, time and experience.

Read Matthew 25:14-30

  • Discuss who the man, the servant and the property represent in this parable.
  • Do the servants have any influence over what is given to them?

Everything we have belongs to God. We are allowed to borrow things for a number of years. We brought nothing into this world and we are taking nothing out of this world when we leave. We are here to manage and use God’s resources.

Verse 15 God has given each one of us some unique talents. Discuss how many talents or gifts you can think of. People are given different talents. But no-one is without any talents.

Verses 16-18 God expects us to use our talents. One day he will ask us, ‘What did you do with what you were given?’

  • Why is it wrong to bury what God has given us? What would make us do this?

Verses 19-23 If we use our gifts and talents to serve other people, they will start to grow. God encourages us to step out in faith in this. If we use our talents wisely, we will be rewarded.

  • How can we use our talents or gifts more?
  • What did God say to these stewards? What was their reward?

Verses 24-30

  • What were the reasons this steward gave for not using his talent?
  • How much did he respect his master?

Fear often keeps people from using their talents. There are three kinds of fear: self-doubt (lack of confidence), self-consciousness (fear of what others will think) and self-pity. Remember that God likes to use imperfect people. A $100 note, however dirty or torn, is still worth $100. In God’s eyes we never lose our value!

  • How can we deal with fears that prevent us from serving God
  • What motivates our own desire to serve God?

Discuss verse 29 which is a very challenging verse.

  • Have we observed this in our own lives or in the lives of others?

Let us be encouraged to invest our talents wisely. We need to take what little we have and start using it in serving other people. Then we may see God multiply our talents too!

From Keve Társaság, an association of Christian Professional and Business People, 1091 Budapest, Kálvin tér 7, Hungary.