This issue of Footsteps focuses on the family. It looks at issues such as marriage, child health, discipline and care for children, and shares practical ideas on playing with babies and young children.

In many communities across the world, war, displacement and the impact of the AIDS pandemic have resulted in increasing numbers of orphans and child-headed households. Churches and communities are facing up to this challenge as traditional family systems break down. One positive approach is child-to-child initiatives that mobilise young people to help provide care and support for orphans and vulnerable children in their community.

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  • A home for the homeless

    by Ieda Maria Siebra Bochio. Casa Filadélfia (CAF) is a Christian organisation in São Paulo, Brazil, that supports children, adolescents and families living with or affected by HIV. CAF projects are designed to reach out to people who are excluded from society, to help restore their self-esteem and equip them with the skills they need for the future.

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  • Farewell from Isabel

    In 1988 I was first asked by Tearfund to spend a few hours a week editing the newsletter Footsteps to Health. At the time it had a distribution of about 1,000 English readers. Now, nearly 20 years later, Footsteps is widely known around the world with a distribution of 48,000 printed issues in seven language versions. We had a further 113,000 people downloading issues from the tilz website last year and over 615,000 hits from both tilz and the Chinese web version. We now also have a new ...

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  • Letters

    Snail farming At the Centre for Indigenous Knowledge and Endogenous Development (CIKED) we have been training people about snail farming. This is to protect wild snails as well as to meet the ever increasing demand for snail meat. Our snail projects have witnessed a lot of setbacks from ants which attack and kill the snails. We would like some advice from farmers and experts with knowledge of snail farming elsewhere in the world, on how to deal with the ants. We would also appreciate any ...

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  • Playing with babies and young children

    Children play because it is fun, but play is also key to their learning and development. Play helps them to learn new skills, communicate, gain confidence, relate to other people and find out about themselves and the world. All children – both girls and boys – need the same opportunities for play and interaction with family members and friends. Listening to and responding to young children is one of the most important things that adults and older children can do. When we do this well, children ...

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  • Resources

    PILLARS Training DVD PILLARS encourages groups of all kinds to own their own development through discussion-based learning. PILLARS Guides provide a range of information topics to help people to implement change in their communities.

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  • The role of the father

    by Rev Joe Kapolyo. Many people think that looking after children is primarily a ‘woman’s role’. The subject of fatherhood is often neglected. Both parents should be actively involved in bringing up their children. The role of a father is very important to me. I am a 54 year old man from Zambia. I have been in full-time Christian work for the last 31 years in Zambia, Zimbabwe and the UK, and currently work as a church minister in north London. My wife and I have been married for 25 years and ...

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