Motor-pump irrigation

I am the coordinator of a local organisation which works with small farmers on market gardening. For years we have been using watering cans to water our vegetables, although with some difficulty. Using watering cans means that our work is very limited, so my community and I have decided that we will soon buy a motor-pump.

I should be very grateful if any readers could be kind enough to explain to us how to use a motor-pump for watering. Then because the area we are cultivating is going to increase significantly, we will need more vegetable seeds.

If any Footsteps readers can help, please contact us.

Emery Lendo-Ngembo
Coordinateur de l’ONGD APROMAT

Email: apromattshela@yahoo.fr

People in Benin holding Footsteps issues
Photo: Stefanie Zaske
Good news from Benin

Finally we found the time to take a picture with our team. It is taken in front of the reading wall where we paste up the magazine called GuGu in the Anii language. The name is an abbreviation for ‘new thinking’, and we are training a whole team of young local people to produce the magazine. It is pasted up on such reading walls in in every village where we work. We have a mixture of topics from development issues to entertainment and knowledge. You can have a look at the magazine itself online: www.revue-gugu.org

Your materials help to inspire our team, and we are planning to translate parts of your good materials into the local language. The translation training starts next week, and we will also try our hand on a couple of pages of your PILLARS Guides and see how difficult that is.

All the best for your work!

Stefanie Zaske
Revue GuGu
B.P. 50

Email: info@revue-gugu.org

Photo: Liu Liu/Tearfund

Protecting seedlings from goats

As part of my job, I travel to countries in West Africa to work with local organisations to find out ways to better protect their environment. One of the activities undertaken by local people is planting trees to prevent soil erosion, create biodiversity, and generate income. In Nigeria, and other countries in the region, goats often stop tree seedlings from surviving. Goats obviously like the tender leaves of young seedlings. This is a constant challenge for tree plantation. I would love to hear your suggestions on ways to stop goats and other animals eating seedlings.

Liu Liu
Disaster Management and Environmental Sustainability Officer
100 Church Road
TW11 8QE

Email: liu.liu@tearfund.org