Previous Footsteps

Click on the links below to download previous editions that include material relating to climate change and sustainability.

Environmental sustainability
(ROOTS 13)

ROOTS guides help development organisations in their work. This book contains information on natural resources, sustainable energy and advocacy approaches. It also explores biblical perspectives on environmental issues. A basic environmental assessment tool is included. Available in print and online in English, French, Portuguese and Spanish. Visit to download this booklet free of charge, or contact us to order a printed copy for £12.

Why advocate on climate change?

This booklet discusses different advocacy tactics to help tackle the problem of climate change at the local, national and international level.

Visit to download this guide, or contact us to order a printed copy. Available in English only.

Environmental assessment

This tool helps organisations to assess the impact of their individual projects on the environment, and the impact of the local environment on their projects. It will help organisations decide whether they need to change any aspects of a project.

Visit to download Environmental assessment, or contact us to order a printed copy for £10. Available in English, French, Portuguese or Spanish.

Advocacy toolkit (second edition)

Tearfund’s Advocacy toolkit is a detailed guide on advocacy and how to do it. Visit to download the book free of charge, or contact us to order a printed copy (£20). Available online in English, French, Portuguese and Spanish. Printed copies are currently available in English and Portuguese, and will soon be available in French and Spanish.

PILLARS guides

PILLARS: Agroforestry

PILLARS guides are designed to help local groups to discuss the issues they face. To download PILLARS guides free of charge, visit Printed copies cost £7.

  • Agroforestry
    Agroforestry means growing crops and trees together, on farmland or in the forest. It improves soil fertility and helps prevent erosion, and the trees can provide fruit, fodder and fuel. Available in print and online in English and French.
  • Improving food security
    This booklet includes practical information on pest control, grain banks and techniques for food preservation and storage. Available in print and online in English, French and Portuguese.

Ordering printed copies from Tearfund

To order printed publications, email or write to us by post. One copy may be available free of charge to organisations or individuals who are unable to pay.

Useful websites 
Practical guides on adapting to climate change, covering agriculture, energy, disasters, water and waste. 
A Rocha is a Christian environmental organisation working in 20 countries.
Diaconia is a Brazilian organisation helping people adapt to very dry conditions. You can download practical resources (mainly in Portuguese). 
News and resources from the Anglican Communion Environmental Network. 
Pope Francis has written an interesting letter about the environment and climate change. 
Visit this site to download National Adaptation Plans (NAPs) for lower-income countries. Please note that many NAPs are not yet completed.
The Technical Centre for Agricultural and Rural Cooperation (CTA) publishes guides on agriculture and development.