Member of a choir in DRC who write their own songs to educate people on the topic of SGBV.

From: Reveal toolkit: Gender and sexual violence

Tools to reveal and address inequality between men and women, and to address gender-based violence, including sexual violence and female genital mutilation/cutting

To help a group to see that communities often value men more than women, and that such attitudes harm both men and women. The activity uses the Bible to show that men and women are equal before God, and helps a group to imagine what family and community life based on this truth might look like.

This activity is intended to be used as part of a wider process or project, and not as a standalone tool without any follow-up. VAWG is a deeply sensitive and difficult area to work on, where harm can easily be caused if approached without care and wisdom. We strongly recommend that you receive training in facilitating and working on this issue, and that you work with, or are supported or mentored by, others with experience of working in this area. We also recommend you consider carry out more general gender awareness-raising activities before engaging in work on VAWG.

Along with other Reveal tools (please see the box at the end of this document), it will hopefully inspire communities to act to challenge and change the injustice of gender inequality. If you are specifically hoping to address violence against women and girls, we recommend that you use Tool A2 – Why should we address VAWG? Tool A2 – Men and women: listening to one another and Tool A2 – What are the causes and consequences of VAWG? before using this tool. We also recommend using the Bible studies on this topic, found in Section B.

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