Member of a choir in DRC who write their own songs to educate people on the topic of SGBV.

From: Reveal toolkit: Gender and sexual violence

Tools to reveal and address inequality between men and women, and to address gender-based violence, including sexual violence and female genital mutilation/cutting

How do men and women relate to each other in your community? Are men and women seen as equal to each other?

How do the opinions and ideas of men and women differ? What is missed when only the voices of men and not women are heard? Is it important to listen to the views of both men and women when making decisions?

Do both men and women own land and property in the community, or only men? Who makes the decisions within the community – men, women or both together?

How do the roles of men and women differ? Do women have the same livelihood and paid employment opportunities as men?

Who cares for children, the elderly and sick people? Is this important role valued? Are girls and boys treated equally when it comes to education and healthcare?

This resource helps you consider these questions and start thinking about solutions to challenges they might bring up.

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