24th - 26th September 2020

Over the last few years, migration has become an issue of global concern as millions seek refuge because of economic, social, political and humanitarian crises.

This has not only led to policy reforms but also a rise in discrimination and xenophobia as migrants are often linked to the wave of violence or insecurity.

This event convened high-level strategic thinkers from around the world to participate in theological reflection on migration and discuss the church’s response to one of the most contentious yet relevant issues of today.

From this event:

About Global Forums

Our Global Forums are invite-only events which gather up to 100 influential strategic thinkers, church leaders and emerging theologians from around the world for an in-depth discussion on a particularly topic area.

These high-level gatherings create a space for reflection and discussion with an aim to collectively come up with strategies, approaches and thinking on the theme, taking into account the global knowledge and theological perspective present in the room. 

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