CEDRA – Climate change and Environmental Degradation Risk and adaptation Assessment

Welcome to the CEDRA (PDF 2.5 MB) homepage. CEDRA is a strategic-level environmental risk assessment for agencies working in developing countries. It helps local humanitarian and development agencies make their existing projects stronger against climate and environmental change. It is designed to be used across the whole of an organisation's work.

CEDRA helps NGOs to: 

  • understand communities' experiences of environmental change
  • understand climate and environmental science 
  • assess the likely climate and environmental impacts on communities and projects
  • prioritise these impacts 
  • identify ways to adapt projects and, in some cases, identify new projects needed
  • develop an action plan for projects and communities to adapt to climate and environmental change

  • CEDRA films

    These films explain the CEDRA process and learning gained from implementing CEDRA in different countries.

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  • CEDRA Guide and Forms

    The CEDRA guide describes how to complete the 7 CEDRA Steps, using case studies and exercises. Checklists and blank forms in editable formats are also provided.

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  • CEDRA learning

    Example CEDRA Assessments, Action Plans and case studies are included here to help NGOs carrying out CEDRA. A detailed evaluation of the CEDRA pilot programme is also included.

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  • CEDRA workshop resources

    The CEDRA process usually includes an initial capacity building workshop and a follow-up support workshop. These resources include facilitator's notes, example time tables, presentations and many other resources.

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