Se regrouper pour un meilleur résultat

This report (PDF 773 KB) highlights the benefits of taking integrated approaches to development – with a focus on water and sanitation, primary healthcare, and nutrition. It showcases examples across 17 countries of how integration has proved successful. This report is available in French (Se regrouper pour un meilleur résultat : L’approche plurisectorielle, vecteur d’espoir dans la lutte contre la maladie et la pauvreté) (PDF 765 KB).

Churches in Bulawayo - food and water

Tearfund's partner Churches in Bulawayo, featured as a case study in this report (pages 8-9) have made a short film of their integrated water and nutritional gardens programme, which includes interviews with beneficiaries.

Briefing paper: Churches in Bulawayo - Zimbabwe. This briefing goes into details of the integrated water and nutritional garden programme. It covers the challenges and benefits of this project and how they would like to scale up this programme.

Briefing paper: PPSSP - DR Congo. This briefing covers in-depth the integrated programme that combines increasing access to water, sanitation and health care, with reducing sexual violence. This programme is referenced on page 13 of the report.