'Let me tell you a story...'

'Let me tell you a story...'

That little sentence holds such promise for me. Will I be intrigued, enriched or amused? Will my imagination be set alight, my mind engaged or my emotions moved? The invitation is enough to make me want to take the time to find out.

This week has been National Storytelling Week. All over the UK people have gathered in theatres, schools, hospitals, museums and care homes to listen to storytellers. Many stories have been told. Young and old have listened, and in turn have told stories of their own.

Great stories are vehicles that connect us across time, space and language. The best stories do this and more: the best stories are big enough to live in. They help us to understand the structure of the world and to find our own place in it.

At Tearfund we listen carefully to the stories that come pouring in from the work of our partners around the globe. As we reflect on these stories and the Bible’s message of hope and restoration, we are discovering a story that makes sense of the world.

A few years ago we made this short film to try (in three minutes!) to capture how we understand this ‘story of everything'.

Let me tell you a story...

‘The story of everything’

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Andrew Philip
Andrew Philip works in Tearfund’s Global Communications team as a content creator.