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From: Adding value to food – Footsteps 65

Practical ideas for adding value to food

God’s provision of healthy food.  

Read Genesis 1:11-13 and Genesis 1:29-31.  

Discuss the main foods that are eaten in our area. How many of these come from seed-bearing vegetables or trees?

God first chose a vegetarian diet for us. He only gave permission for people to eat foods such as grains, nuts and fruits from vegetables and trees. However, after the flood he gave permission to eat meat. People were told not to eat blood or fat, and only to eat ‘clean’ meat from animals that feed on plants or insects, rather than unclean meat from scavengers. (See Leviticus 11.) The food laws were given to mark the Israelites as God’s people, but they were good for the people’s health as well.

Read Genesis 9:1-5

God makes a new covenant concerning food, this time with Noah and his family.

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