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A1: Hidden issues - information
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B: Bible studies
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Welcome to Reveal! Reveal is a collection of tools (information sheets, activities, Bible studies and good practice guides) for people working directly with local communities or churches. It is not a process to work through from start to finish. Instead, you can search for the tools that are most helpful to you and the communities you are working with. Please watch our new short film (2.5 minutes) which explains more about Reveal.

Reveal is divided into 3 sections:

Section A - tools to help you raise and explore hidden issues with communities and churches. These are issues that people often do not talk openly about. This may be because they are difficult or taboo issues such as abuse against children or women. Or they may be issues that a community does not yet understand, such as climate change.

Section B - Bible studies on all of the issues addressed in Reveal.

Section C - tools to use with communities once they have decided upon an issue or problem they would like to address. This section includes guidance on different approaches to tackling problems, and tools on planning and carrying out projects. 

Reveal overview front cover

To download a two-page overview of Reveal please click here (PDF 178 KB).

"Revealing and addressing hidden issues, revealing guidance and support for community actions and projects, and revealing what the Bible says."

Please click on the links below to see the tools in each section. Or you can use the filter to search for tools on a particular theme. If you are new to Reveal we suggest you read the How to use Reveal section first. This section includes guidance on facilitation skills, advice on how to use Reveal tools to support a church and community mobilisation (CCM) process and information on translating and changing tools.

We are continually updating and improving Reveal. If you have any suggestions for how any aspects of Reveal can be improved, or have any games, activities, case studies or guides that you would like to be added, please email