Member of a choir in DRC who write their own songs to educate people on the topic of SGBV.

From: Reveal toolkit: Gender and sexual violence

Tools to reveal and address inequality between men and women, and to address gender-based violence, including sexual violence and female genital mutilation/cutting

This tool helps people understand the differences men and women face in accessing resources and holding power over resources. It often reveals that, while women may be able to access (or use) resources, in most cases they hold little power over them.

This activity is intended to be used as part of a wider process or project, and not as a standalone tool without any follow-up. Its main purpose is to help a community begin to recognise the differences in the power held between women and men. Along with other resources, it will hopefully inspire communities to act to change this power imbalance.

Any discussions of this nature, which address power and status within families and communities, need to be facilitated and managed with wisdom and sensitivity. In some situations, raising these issues may cause tension and conflict. This doesn’t mean that we should not try to raise them, but that we should do so carefully and as part of a process that will have further follow-up, support and action. We recommend that you read the Introductory tool: Facilitation skills before using this tool.

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