Member of a choir in DRC who write their own songs to educate people on the topic of SGBV.

From: Reveal toolkit: Gender and sexual violence

Tools to reveal and address inequality between men and women, and to address gender-based violence, including sexual violence and female genital mutilation/cutting

To help communities to understand how men and women spend their time, and the tasks men and women carry out during the day. This activity can help men to understand the huge workload that women carry and can lead to more appreciation and respect for women, as well as a fairer distribution of tasks within the household and community. It may also lead to men taking action to reduce the burden women face, such as ensuring water is piped to the village, providing better sanitation or building efficient cooking stoves.

This activity is intended to be used as part of a wider process or project, and not as a standalone tool without any follow-up.

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