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The Light Wheel

A framework and toolkit for understanding and measuring holistic wellbeing

Available in English and French

Cover illustration of the 'Light Wheel' framework for measuring change holistically

Cover illustration of the 'Light Wheel' framework for measuring change holistically

At Tearfund, we believe that transformation in each of the Light Wheel’s nine spokes (aspects of wellbeing) is the basis for a full and flourishing life. The Light Wheel toolkit has a set of participatory data-collection tools that can be used to measure wellbeing and to think about the holistic change impact of our work. It has been co-designed with individuals, churches and communities from around the world. Their experiences and views are at the centre of how change is assessed.

The Introductory guide to the Light Wheel will provide you with all the information you need to understand the theory behind the Light Wheel and the purpose of it, and it will guide you as you decide how to use it.

The Light Wheel toolkit will guide you through how to implement the Light Wheel tools in your context. The tools include group discussions and the Light Wheel survey, which can be used in different ways throughout the project cycle such as for baselines and evaluations.

We are currently working on a new version of the Light Wheel toolkit, which is based on the experiences and best practices of Light Wheel users across the world from the last ten years. We hope to be launching this in autumn 2023.

The Light Wheel sets out nine domains which have an influence over an individual or community’s ability to live well, flourish and be resilient. 

As Christians, we believe that it is important to monitor and assess our work and we believe that the Light Wheel is a tool that can help us do so in a way that is biblical as well as effective. 

Why is the Light Wheel important?

We believe that there are two main biblical reasons for churches to review and assess their work in serving their communities. Both reasons are based on the fact that this work is part of God’s mission to redeem and restore all creation, seeking his kingdom in all spheres of life, through words, deeds and character. This is what we call ‘holistic’ or ‘integral mission’. The first reason is that it is important that we honour God by serving him and doing his work to the best of our ability. Reviewing our work helps us to learn how we are doing and to improve. The second reason is that it is important that we honour our supporters by using well the resources that they give us. Reviewing our work helps us to be accountable about what we do to those who help make it possible. 

We believe that the Light Wheel helps churches to understand the different kinds of transformation that we hope to see in communities in a biblical way. This is because it acknowledges:  

  • That poverty is complex and has many aspects 
  • That transformation takes time and will happen in stages
  • That different outcomes and kinds of transformation will be a priority in different communities and situations 

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