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From: Household agriculture – Footsteps 54

Ideas for making the most of available land and other agricultural resources

Many homes, particularly in urban areas, have little room for growing crops or vegetables. However, outside nearly every house is an area of bare ground. The soil may be hard or infertile and people often do not consider using it for growing vegetables. But here is one way of using this unused space for a tiny garden.

The system works best if a number of families agree to work together, building one garden each week. The idea may also be useful in refugee camps.



ACAT in South Africa have used this idea in KwaZulu-Natal with great success. Many people have been amazed at how easy it is to produce their own vegetables. One lady said she thought she could only grow traditional crops like maize. But now she can grow cabbages, spinach and onions. Her husband is very impressed! 

ACAT (Africa Cooperative Action Trust) is a long standing Tearfund partner working in KwaZulu-Natal. PO Box 943, Howick 3290, South Africa.

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