Digital technology can play a useful role in any advocacy initiative. With global internet connectivity improving every year and an ever-increasing number of people with access to some type of mobile device, it provides a fast and easy way to connect with large numbers of people.

Another advantage of using digital technology is that organisations do not need to spend a lot of money or have high levels of technical expertise to get started, unlike with some other forms of communication.

This series explores various ways to use the internet and mobile phones in specific parts of the advocacy cycle.

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About the advocacy cycle

The advocacy cycle is a useful way of visualising what needs to be done in our advocacy work. It takes us step by step through each stage of the process of developing an advocacy strategy, or an advocacy component within a broader project or programme strategy.

The main stages in the advocacy cycle are explored in more detail in the Advocacy toolkit.

The Advocacy toolkit

The ‘Advocacy in the digital age’ series is designed to complement the Advocacy toolkit.

This comprehensive guide to the theory and practice of advocacy contains teaching notes, tools and exercises that will enable any individual or organisation to integrate advocacy into their programmes, in order to bring sustainable, positive change.

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