For very many people in our world today, life is very difficult. They may have problems in their family lives, with lack of money, food, work or housing. Poor health may be a concern. They may have lost loved ones. They may be living in fear of abuse or violence. They may have lost their homes as a result of conflict, disaster or famine.

It is helpful to remind ourselves that however difficult life may be now, God has a perfect plan for our world. We read in Isaiah 65 and Revelation 21 that God has planned a new earth and a new heaven where Jesus will live with his people as our King. He will bring comfort for the sad, healing of pain and an end to death and mourning. There will be no place in this new earth for those motivated by evil. It will be a place of wonderful beauty. There will be no need for people to build churches to worship God in, as his presence will be everywhere.

What a wonderful vision to encourage us today, whatever our situation!


Articles 1, 3, 25, 28 UN Universal Declaration of Human Rights

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