God sent his son Jesus to establish justice in the world. Churches need to share Jesus’ concern for the poor and the oppressed. The Bible makes it clear that as Christians we should share God’s passion for justice. This does not just mean that we should live good lives as individuals. We should also try to correct what is wrong in our society, bringing about righteousness.

Church leaders can speak out with considerable authority about many situations. They can challenge unjust laws and promote and defend the rights of poor people. Through their example and leadership they can inspire, direct and encourage their churches to take action to promote justice. This may be through prayer, through giving, through practical caring, through speaking out and through different approaches to advocacy work on behalf of those who are suffering. Usually it will be a combination of all of these.

God wants righteousness to flow from his church, just like the water in a fast- flowing river. The Church should provide leadership and inspiration for a wide range of social actions that aim to bring justice into our hurting world.


Articles 3, 7, 8, 27, 29 UN Universal Declaration of Human Rights 

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