Church and Community - Manuals and Tools

To enable effective Church and Community Mobilisation (CCM) we have developed a number of manuals and tools to guide churches through the process.

Since 2007, Tearfund and partners have seen lives transformed through CCM, and in 2009 the Umoja manual was published. Umoja, which means ‘togetherness’ in Swahili, is a simple tool designed to guide a CCM process. The basis of Umoja, and any CCM model, is to empower people to holistically transform their situation using the God-given local resources. We have a range of Bible studies that are part of the Umoja process.


CCMP manual front coverCCMP manual (PDF 6.1 MB) contains Step-by-step guidance for facilitators in the church and community mobilisation process.
This resource is also available in French (PDF 6.2 MB)

CCMP participants booklet for stage 1 front coverCCMP participant's booklet for Stage 1 (PDF 416 KB)
A booklet for church members participating in the church and community mobilisation process (CCMP) Stage 1: Awakening the church. This booklet contains an overview of CCMP including the five stages and the pillars, as well as all the Bible study questions and activities included in Stage 1.

CCM in Africa (PDF 1.2 MB)
This booklet gives an introduction to the church and community mobilisation process (CCMP) in Africa, explaining the process and presenting evidence of impact. A 6-minute version of this film focusing on impact can be seen on the CCM impact and learning page.

All about CCMP in West Africa
This film walks through the process's five stages, giving examples of the activities that are facilitated and the impact of the process in West Africa.

Umoja is a Church and Community Mobilisation approach that Tearfund has helped to develop. This set of training manuals will help those who want to envision and equip the local church to work for transformation in their communities. Umoja contains: Bible studies, activities, tools, energisers, advice and a step-by-step process, helping churches gain a vision for community involvement, helping communities assess their needs and resources, and helping whole communities envision, plan and work for a better future. 

Umoja facilitators guide front coverThe Umoja Facilitator’s Guide (PDF 3.3 MB) contains Bible studies, activities, energisers, tools, advice and a step-by-step process to help a church and community become inspired and start working for transformation in their community.
This resource is also available in French (PDF 3.9 MB), Portuguese (PDF 3.3 MB), Arabic (PDF 7.5 MB), Chinese (PDF 2.5 MB), Bangla (PDF 14.2 MB), Nepali (PDF 6.7 MB) and Thai.

Umoja coordinators guide front coverThe Umoja Coordinators Guide (PDF 1.1 MB) provides everything that an organisation or church needs to know to start and manage an Umoja programme across a number of local communities.
This resource is also available in French (PDF 4.2 MB), Portuguese (PDF 1 MB), Arabic (PDF 6 MB), Bangla (PDF 17.8 MB), Nepali (PDF 2.8 MB) and Thai (PDF 6.1 MB).

Choosing the right CCT approach for your context (PDF 48 KB) (skeleton)

Bible Studies Guide


We believe that prayer is a vital component that should be embedded throughout any CCM process. Tearfund supports the establishment of Local Houses of Prayer (LHoP) for churches engaging with CCM.

Networks and initiatives

To facilitate the effectiveness of our Church and Community Transformation work, we are part of a number of networks to learn, and build best practices.

Micah Network: Tearfund is part of a wider network of organisations and groups committed to mobilising the church for integral mission called the Micah Network. They run a social networking website aimed at sharing case studies, inspiration and best practice from across different regions.  
Tearfund is a signatory of the Micah Declaration on Integral Mission (September 2001).

Community of Practice
The CCT Community of Practice consists of people who share a concern or a passion for CCT. These international members engage in joint activities and discussions, helping each other find answers to their challenges and sharing information related to CCT.

Friends of Umoja
FoU is a gathering of Christian peer organisations that have an integral mission outlook and are interested in or are actively engaged in supporting Church and Community Mobilisation even if it is not the Umoja model. These friends meet biannually in the UK and set their own agenda to deepen their understanding, improve their practice and collaborate internationally around CCM initiatives.