Flooding in Pakistan in 2010 affected 20 million people. Photo: Ashraf Mall/Tearfund

From: Managing disasters – Footsteps 88

How to prepare for disasters and reduce the risk of them occuring

Adapted from Disasters and the Local Church by Bill Crooks and Jackie Mouradian

Read Genesis 41:25-40

God warned the Egyptian king through a dream that drought and famine were coming to his land. Joseph was called from his prison cell to interpret the dream (about cows and heads of corn!) and suggested some actions to cope with the disaster. The king appointed Joseph to carry out these actions.

Joseph set up administrators and buildings to store grain during the seven good years. Farmers had to hand over one fifth (20 per cent) of each year’s harvest to the government so that it could be stored and then used during the seven years of famine (Genesis 41:33-36).

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