What is advocacy?

Advocacy is about influencing people, policies, practices, structures and systems in order to bring about change.

It is about influencing those in power to act in more equitable ways, so that the root causes of poverty can be addressed. Advocacy can be done directly by those affected by injustice or on their behalf, or by a combination of both. Anyone can undertake advocacy work – it does not need to be left to professionals or experts.

Advocacy work includes many different activities such as lobbying, mobilisation, education, research, prayer and networking. It can be undertaken alone, with a group of people or as part of a network. It can be spontaneous or carefully planned, a one-off intervention or an ongoing process.

It is part of the mission of the church to undertake advocacy through speaking out against injustice, defending the cause of the poor, holding those in power to account, and empowering people to speak out for themselves. Its ultimate aim is to bring and demonstrate the good news of the coming of the kingdom of God.

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