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Footsteps magazine provides practical information to bring about positive change. It is published three times a year in four languages – English, French, Portuguese and Spanish

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Cover photo: In Bangladesh, community groups often raise funds for projects such as road improvements and safe water and sanitation. Photo: Ralph Hodgson/Tearfund

Footsteps 111 - Local fundraising

Discovering the joy of inviting people to invest in our work and ministries

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Joy in Nigeria grows different types of crops using sustainable agricultural techniques taught by Tearfund partner Rurcon. Photo: Tom Price/Tearfund

Footsteps 110 - Farming for the future

Footsteps 110 focuses on strategies farmers can use to maintain healthy ecosystems and productive farms.

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Image above shows a young lady learning a new trade in the Philippines. Photo: Tom Price/Integral Alliance

Footsteps 109 - Youth

Footsteps 109 celebrates the energy and creativity of young people and discusses how to provide the support they need to flourish.

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Kazol is now a leader in her community. Photo: Artwise/CDD/CBM

Footsteps 108 - Living with disability

Footsteps 108 is full of practical advice on how to make our churches and communities more inclusive of people living with disabilities.

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Footsteps 107 is packed with practical advice and inspiring stories about dealing with waste in our communities.

Footsteps 107 - Waste

Footsteps 107 is packed with practical advice and inspiring stories about dealing with waste in our communities.

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Survivors of SGBV often keep silent about their pain. Photo: Mark Lang/Tearfund

Footsteps 106 - Sexual and gender-based violence

Footsteps 106 explores how we can end sexual and gender-based violence and provide holistic support to survivors.

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Footsteps 105: Land rights, front cover. Photo: Steve Collins/Tearfund

Footsteps 105 - Land rights

Footsteps 105 explores land rights – why are they important and what can we do to protect them?

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Cover shows a prisoner cleaning the floor of Luzira Prison, Uganda. Photo: Andrew Philip

Footsteps 104 - Prisons

Footsteps 104 features practical tips for getting involved in prison ministry and caring for ex-offenders.

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A woman selling eels and other fish in Hsipaw, Myanmar. Photo: Andrew Philip

Footsteps 103 - Entrepreneurship

Footsteps 103 is packed with practical advice on how to run a successful business.

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A number of issues have also been produced in Chinese, Bangla, Burmese and Hindi

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