Food Processing

Street and Working Children by Judith Ennew.

Development Manual 4  from Save the Children Fund.

This is a guide to planning work with street children. Many different kinds of projects are set up around the world to try and meet the needs of street children. However there are surprisingly few accounts of this work. This book tries to fill that gap. The author has 15 years of experience in working with children around the world. The book is full of practical guidelines, advice and examples, and written in an easy to read style. It is essential reading for anyone working with street children. Highly recommended. (Pages 10 and 11 of this issue are based on parts of this book.)

This excellent book is available in English and Spanish from:

SCF Publications Sales, 17 Grove Lane, London, SE5 8RD.

The new Spanish version is available from:

SCF (UK), Apdo 3801, Tegucigalpa MDC, Honduras, Central America.

Sueños Quebrados

(Broken Dreams)

This is a video about drug abuse. It includes stories of people who used to be drug addicts and are now rehabilitated. It brings a drug prevention message for young people. It looks at the work of La Roca – one of the best known groups in the field of drug prevention and rehabilitation. It is available only in Spanish and can be obtained from :

Corporación Comunidad La Roca, Pasaje Anwandter 77, Viña del Mar, Chile.

Cuidemos la Creación

This booklet describes how forests have been destroyed, animals and birds have disappeared and how peoples’ lives have been made poorer. It looks at the role played by farmers and the impact of big business. Then it explores what the Bible has to say about all this and comes to some practical and spiritual solutions.

The use of cartoon drawing and simple language make it easy to read. Each short chapter ends with questions for discussion, making it very useful for community groups.

Though written for Nicaragua, it would be useful in other Spanish speaking countries. It is available from:

Distribuidora Vida, Apdo 4829, Managua, Nicaragua.

Guardianes de la Tierra –

Los Cristianos y el medio ambiente

This 138 page book is aimed at raising awareness among evangelical Christians about their responsibility to care for the environment. It discusses the different types of pollution and their consequences, population growth etc. and what Christians can do to meet these challenges. There are many Bible references to help reflect on what the Bible says about the environment and ecological issues. The book can be ordered from:

Puma (CENIP), Apdo 441, Lima 100, Peru. Fax 00 51 14 268266

Natural Medicine in the Tropics by Dr Hans-Martin Hirt and Bindanda M’Pia

‘In Africa and anywhere in the South, a whole library of information is buried with every old person who dies,’ says the introduction to this fascinating book. Most of the source materials for imported medicines come from the rich resources of Africa. Yet traditional ways of using these herbal drugs are being lost while clinics and hospitals struggle to buy expensive imported medicines.

This small book is packed full of useful information. It contains details and illustrations of 65 plants with medicinal properties and how to use them, treatments for numerous diseases and recipes for ointments, creams, teas and powders. In addition there is information on making soap, baby foods, shoe polish and running village pharmacies. Many recipes have been shared by traditional healers and carefully checked and researched.

If your clinic has few or no drugs you will find this book of huge benefit. Its message is radical but makes good sense. It is available in French, English and German. Order the French version from:

Centre de Vulgarisation Agricole, BP 4008, Kinshasa 2, Zaire.

…and the English version from: UCBHCA, PO Box 325, Entebbe, Uganda.

…or outside Africa:

ANAMED, Schafweide 77, D-71364, Germany.

Child Health Dialogue

This new publication from AHRTAG replaces the newsletters Dialogue on Diarrhoea and ARI News. It provides information on primary health care and is easy to read and well illustrated. Available in English, French, Spanish and Portuguese free of charge for people working in health care in developing countries, from:

AHRTAG, Farringdon Point, 29–35 Farringdon Road, London, EC1M 3JB, UK.