Bible study: A challenging role

Christian PerspectiveChristian Perspective

A challenging role.  
King David had long planned to build a temple for God where the ark of the covenant could rest and where people could come to worship. However, God told him that it would be his son, Solomon, who would build the temple.
Read 1 Chronicles 29:1-20

  • How did David demonstrate his devotion to the Lord’s temple?
  • In verse 2, David refers to ‘the temple of my God’. What does this tell us about David’s heart?
  • Why does surrendering oneself to God lead to generosity and rejoicing?
  • In what sense do all our possessions come from God?
  • A friend lets us borrow their new bicycle. Would our use and care of it be any different if it was our own?
  • How would it affect our attitude towards our possessions if we thought of ourselves as stewards rather than owners?
  • What is our accountability as stewards?
  • What is our reward for being faithful stewards? 

Adapted from Your Money and Your Life study notes by Keith Tondeur, Credit Action.