Why I like reading Footsteps

NGO Management

by Luka Kitungano.

I have been very interested in Footsteps since 1996 and I have been reading it regularly. My friend received Footsteps and he began to send it to me when he had finished reading it. This meant that I could read it myself and then use it again and again.

The issues on literacy, traditional medicine, sex education, resolving conflicts and many more have really helped me.

I am a teacher in a secondary school and I share the ideas from Footsteps with my students. I also suggest subjects taken from Footsteps to our village’s development committee. We use the ideas in our discussions and everyone responds well. Footsteps has helped us set up five adult literacy classes and develop 13 drinking water wells. There have been numerous other achievements which have benefited the community of Idjwi, here in the Democratic Republic of Congo. Sometimes, in the evenings, my neighbours come to my house and we read Footsteps together.

The things we appreciate most about Footsteps are:

  • the clear and simple language
  • the practical subjects which help in developing the grassroots community
  • the Bible studies
  • the examples which share the experiences of other communities around the world. 

Thank you so much for the work of Footsteps.

Luka Kitungano is a teacher at the Pendo Secondary School in North Idjwi and President of the Development Committee in the Muonvu community.