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Owii Church was packed with more than 200 people of all ages to watch their advocacy film.

After a screen was found and an old projector repaired, our partners in Uganda were delighted to share a short film with a packed Owii Church and community at the end of August.

The film was special. It had been made with the active participation of members of the congregation and community in 2016 and produced by Andrew Philip of Tearfund. The short film tells the story of how the church mobilised and empowered their community to identify and advocate for the services they required. For the Owii community, this meant lobbying their local government to ask them to provide a health clinic and school for the village. The film also shows a similar advocacy process featuring the people of Tipa Tipa village in Bolivia.

You can watch the CCM advocacy film here.

‘The church was very happy to have the film shared at its building. It is an encouragement to the church and community to do more,’ said Patrick Onaga, who is the education lead for the Pentecostal Assemblies of God (PAG) in Soroti. The church leaders were keen to learn more about how they could use video to share what they’ve learnt with the wider community. 

‘It was important for us to show the film in Owii because the community gave so much time and passion to enable this film to be made,’ said Andrew, a visual and audio production manager at Tearfund. 

‘We started making the film during a community celebration of all that their advocacy had achieved, so naturally we wanted to invite the community to gather to celebrate the completion of the film.’  

You can watch a longer version of this video on church and community mobilisation advocacy in Uganda and Bolivia in the Tearfund Learn resources section.

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Nick Wyke
Nick Wyke is the editor of the Tearfund Learn blog.