There is a huge difference between telling someone to do something because it is good for them and explaining clearly why something is good for them so they can make up their own minds. Most people are aware of the importance of immunization. In this issue we try and explain the reasons behind immunization as well as giving some practical help with carrying out an immunization programme.

Knowing the need for good records is easy - but trying to put this into action in the sort of situation found in rural Zambia with a semi-nomadic population using a variety of names is quite another thing. We hope that the advice given by our contributors will be helpful for your own work. Don’t forget too that you can adapt this information even if you are not directly concerned with immunization. Sandra Michie’s advice on building up records could be easily adapted for use with farmers’ groups, for example. Cold boxes are useful for animal vaccines too or for keeping food cool. There is news of a new vaccine for Newcastle disease in chickens which may have exciting possibilities.

Isabel Carter