The Health Manager's Toolkit

The Health Manager's Toolkit features 51 electronic 'tools' for health professionals, collected from 20 different organisations.  Available in English, French and Spanish, the tools are easily accessible, informative, up to date and practical. The tools include spreadsheets, forms for gathering and analysing data, check-lists, guidelines and self-assessment tools for management systems.


Christian Wholistic Development

This booklet is a detailed biblical basis of the reasons why the church should be actively involved in holistic development. It has been written from the experience of CRUDAN, Nigeria, in promoting Christian holistic development over the past ten years.

This book combines both research and practical experience. It seeks to bring a Christian and biblical perspective to development. It contains practical exercises and Bible studies.

CRUDAN offers its services of awareness-raising, training and counselling to churches that want to engage in holistic development and make a difference in people's lives for the glory of God.

The book will soon be printed. In the meantime it is available in electronic form from


Readers of Footsteps will be very familiar with the name TALC, well known for distributing printed resources. They are now responsible for a new venture, e-TALC, a regular edition on CD-ROM of a variety of copyright-free health information. This CD-ROM contains information from various health and academic journals and publications as well as Footsteps!  It is free of charge for those working in healthcare. For more information, please contact:

Pip Elphick, TALC, PO Box 49, St Albans, AL1 5TX, UK E-mail: Website:

Out of the Shadows

A community-based approach to ending violence has been developed by the Mothers Union. This resource pack is the result of a request made by members from around the world for a practical resource on violence. The pack has two main aims, which are to:

  • raise awareness of violence
  • help small groups of women share ideas and suggestions and plan action to deal with violence.

It includes ideas for Bible studies, group exercises, role plays and worship. Because this is a sensitive subject, the pack is designed for use only by experienced or trained facilitators. It is available to interested organisations for £5, including postage, from:

MU Enterprises, Mary Sumner House, 24 Tufton Stree,t London, SW1P 3RB, UK E-mail:

Your Kingdom Come by Suleiman Jakonda

This book (with 214 pages) provides a practical and detailed guide for churches and Christian groups who want to participate in holistic development. It includes chapters on poverty, the history of the African church, the kingdom of God, the role of the church, stewardship and reconciliation. Most of the material has been used by RURCON in their various courses and seminars, so has been well tested.

The book costs US $25, including postage, and is available from:

RURCON, NBTC, Old Airport Road, PO Box 6617, Jos, Nigeria


This is a free electronic newsletter on water and sanitation issues.  It contains local and international news, new publications, new websites, conferences and events. It is published by IRC and WSSCC and is available from IRC:


A French version is available at:


Iglesia, Comunidad y Cambio (Church, Community and Change) Published by Ediciones Kairos

This publication consists of three manuals in Spanish, providing information and training materials for facilitators and co-ordinators, together with an activity manual. This is a very useful tool to help churches wanting to become involved in holistic development.

Available at US $36 from:

Ediciones Kairos, José Mármol 1734, B1602EAF Florida, Prov Bs As, Argentina E-mail:     

Tobacco: a global threat by John Crofton and David Simpson

This new book helps to raise the awareness of the dangers of smoking to people in the South. It covers all aspects of the tobacco problem.  These include the effects of smoking on health for both the user and those around them (passive smoking). Today, tobacco kills one in ten adults and this is likely to rise to one in six adults by 2030, making tobacco the single biggest cause of death worldwide. Smoking eventually kills about half of all regular smokers.

The book looks at methods for helping smokers overcome their addiction, ideas on how to educate young people and run campaigns to challenge the advertising methods of tobacco companies. It contains questionnaires and case studies, and is packed full of interesting facts and figures. This is a practical book in plain English and is highly recommended for anyone seeking to challenge the threat of tobacco. Copies cost £7.50, including surface postage, from TALC  (address on page 14).

Journeys of Faith

This new book describes how churches in Africa are involved in the battle against HIV and AIDS. It provides case studies from churches in three southern African countries - Namibia, Mozambique and South Africa.

For example, Catholic AIDS Action in Namibia began by caring for orphans and sick people. They then built up a force of over 1,000 home care volunteers. Next they built an urban centre where people with HIV/AIDS could go for information, counselling, legal advice and income-generating activities or simply to enjoy company.

Church leaders also share their views about the role of the church in this area. 'Silence about AIDS is equivalent to death,' comments Archbishop Ndugane, South Africa. 'The church has AIDS! Our people are living, suffering and dying because of this disease' says Bishop Dowling, South Africa.

The book is well illustrated with 110 pages. It costs £4.50, including surface postage, and is available, in English only at present, from TALC (address on page 14).

On Solid Ground: strengthening community in times of crisis Video training materials

This is a series of six educational videos designed for everyone interested in improving relief and development practice. The videos are available in both English and Spanish as part of a learning pack, which includes a 64-page facilitator's guide and CD. The videos are recommended for use in small groups with an experienced facilitator.

The topics covered are Transformation and Integral Mission, Healing Invisible Wounds (the need for counselling after crisis), Response to  Creation (environmental management and disaster mitigation),  Facilitating Healthy Communities and two case studies of communities  badly affected by Hurricane Mitch (Santa Rosa de Aguan and Posoltega).

The complete series costs £23 (US $35), including postage. The video packs are available from:

Latin America Section, Tearfund, 100 Church Road, Teddington, TW11 8QE, UK. E-mail:

Please specify language and format required (PAL or NTSC). 

Making lime juice

Limes grow well in many countries. However they tend to be available for just a couple of months during the year, when markets are often full of these fruits. This means that they are often wasted.

Making lime juice preserves the juice to use later in the year. With the addition of sugar, the juice can then be used for a refreshing fruit drink, full of vitamins. The juice can also be used in cooking pickles. A preservative, sodium metabisulphite is needed in small quantities. This can be obtained through chemists or pharmacies at low cost.


  • Wash fruit and cut in half.
  • Squeeze out the juice by hand or with a lemon squeezer, removing the seeds.
  • Place the juice in a pan and bring almost to the boil.  However don't allow the juice to boil.
  • Add preservative (1 gram per litre - this is approximately a small pinch).
  • Pour the hot juice into clean, sterilised bottles with caps or tops.
  • Label when cool.

Lemons can also be preserved in this way but the juice will not keep as long as lime juice. Instead of buying expensive sodas for your visitors and family, use delicious fruit juice!