• All kinds of fruit trees can be grown near crops. They are often very suitable to plant as boundary trees, near to the home or as small plantations mixed with other kinds of trees.
  • Some fruit trees grow very large and develop dense shade. These need room to grow and are not suited to combine with growing crops nearby. They include mango and tamarind.
  • Other trees have a more open growth and do not develop dense shade. These can be used as boundary trees or grown near crops. They include guava, citrus, banana and cashew nut.
  • Passion fruit and chayote are climbers that can be trained to grow up established trees.


  • Discuss the planting of local fruit trees. Are they ever grown near the home? What kind of fruit is available? 
  • Is plenty of fruit produced through the year? Or is there a very limited variety of fruit available with most of the harvest coming at the same time of year. Discuss the reasons for this. 
  • Where can fruit tree seedlings be obtained? Can people grow their own? 
  • What sort of market is there for different fruits (if children can be kept away)? 
  • Fruit has many benefits. All kinds have many vitamins that help the body to fight disease. Avocado makes a rich weaning food for babies.