• You may be fortunate to have a nearby nursery that has a good supply of tree seedlings.
  • However, most farmers who want to plant a lot of trees will find it best to grow their own trees. This means you can choose the kind of trees you want; you can have seeds or seedlings available when you need them and you can raise money by selling extra trees to other farmers.
  • Many farmers simply let trees grow themselves. However, to grow trees and crops together, you need to plant useful trees exactly where you want them. For most local trees you will be able to collect your own seed. Ask an extension or forestry worker about how to obtain exotic tree seed.

  • Discuss the availability of tree seedlings in the area. Are there any tree nurseries nearby? What tree types do they have? How easy is it for farmers to get trees from the nursery?
  • When do most local trees produce seed? How easy are they to collect?
  • Do any participants have experience in collecting, storing and planting tree seeds?
  • Do participants have any ideas on where tree seeds can be obtained? Usually there are some good sources in each country.