A1 Waiting for change

  • People often think of ‘development’ as something that comes from outside the local area. If life is hard and there are few facilities for health, education or economic development, people may have little hope for the future. They may wait for ‘outsiders’ to come and take action. These outsiders may be government officials, religious groups or NGOs. The community may expect them to improve things such as water supplies, schools, literacy levels or health clinics.
  • In the meantime, local people usually feel there is little that can be done to help them. Instead, individuals look after matters in their own households rather than take up concerns in their community.

  • How much do people in our community want their situation to improve?
  • Why do we expect outsiders to bring development to our local area?
  • How long will it take for government officials, the church or NGOs to help improve all the areas that do not have basic facilities?
  • Discuss this quote from the former president of Tanzania, Julius Nyerere; ‘People cannot be developed – they can only develop themselves.’
  • What do we understand by ‘development’? Consider both the positive and negative results of such development in our community.
  • What problems may arise if outsiders bring ‘development’ to our area?