This book contains a series of group studies to help you live justly in six key areas of life: advocacy, prayer, consumption, generosity, relationships and creation care. They are designed to help you and those in your community in your pursuit of biblical justice - whether that’s at church, in work or elsewhere. 

Each study includes an in-depth but easy to read exploration of the theology related to a certain issue, encouragement to pray and a suggestion for group and individual work in response.

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Download the whole Live Justly Global Edition (PDF 945 KB), or click on the links below to access individual Sessions

Session 1 - What is Biblical justice? 
Session 2 - Our mission in the world 
Session 3 - Justice: Combining charity and advocacy
Session 4 - Justice and prayer 
Session 5 - Justice and advocacy 
Session 6 - Justice and consumption 
Session 7 - Justice and generosity 
Session 8 - Justice and relationships
Session 9 - Justice and creation care
Session 10 - How then shall we live?

This Live Justly Global edition is also available to download in French (PDF 1.8 MB), Spanish (PDF 1.7 MB) and Portuguese (PDF 1.8 MB).

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