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Editorial by Isabel Carter

In this issue of Footsteps we are looking at ways in which we think about medicines and agricultural chemicals.

The big pharmaceutical companies advertise their products in ways which encourage us to believe that all our problems can be solved with their products. Many families spend money they usually cannot afford on buying tonics and couch medicines for their children, believing this will help them grow strong and healthy. Dr Ted Lankester encourages us to think again about our need for medicines.

In the same way, farmers all over the world are encouraged to believe that agricultural chemicals can solve all their pest and disease problems; but little effort is made by the major Pesticide Manufacturing Companies to warn farmers that pesticides are dangerous poisons that can kill. Each year thousands of adults and children are poisoned or killed when pesticides are not used carefully. We look at ways of helping with this problem and at alternative solutions. Dr Hart provides practical guidance should you suspect pesticide poisoning.

Please find below articles from Footsteps issue 2.

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