Partner case studies

Tearfund partners are involved in many different advocacy initiatives, from the local to the international level. These include: educating community groups on their rights; encouraging Christians to become involved in politics; preventing environmental destruction; and monitoring the government to ensure that they use debt relief for poverty alleviation. 

More case studies can be found in the new Advocacy toolkit.

We would love to include more case studies so would like to hear from any Tearfund partners who want to share their stories.

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Holding a factory to account (PDF 13 KB)
Holding a cement factory to account for its impacts on the local population, Peru 
Community empowerment (PDF 13 KB) 
Helping a community to understand and protect their rights, Kenya 
Preventing a dam construction (PDF 15 KB) 
Working with a community to prevent an environmentally harmful dam being constructed, Honduras 
Protecting an ecological reserve (PDF 20 KB) 
Working with a local community to protect a local reserve, Peru 
Debt relief (PDF 16 KB) 
Holding the government to account for its use of money from debt relief, Uganda 
Christians and politics (PDF 16 KB) 
Encouraging and supporting Christian involvement in politics, Kenya